January 2013:
4 layer PCB-services are now provided: for just $ 99,- or € 76,23 you can order
10 pcs. of max. 100 x 100 mm, 1.6mm, green soldermask, HASL and 100% E-test

Screenshot:  click on it to go to the website

Another new product: RFID / NFC
Not the ancient 125kHz system, but the latest 13.56MHz models

Arduino shield: just $ 28.80
Tags: $ 2.- each, various shapes and how about stickers holding a tag  ??!! Isn't it great ?
Click the link or the image to go to http://www.elecfreaks.com/store/mifare-classic-s501356mhz-1k-pvc-18mm-coins-tag-p-485.html

I used to make my own PCB's for home-use, ...... see http://www.aplomb.nl/TechStuff/PCB_s/UVsource_PCB.html

......... but the ElecFreaks offer is very tempting, and not only now ( December 2012 )

Example 1:

10 pcb's of 10 by 10 cm, dual layer, plated through, with soldermask and silk screening on both sides,
FR4 1.6mm epoxy, standard green color:

The calculator-page: http://www.elecfreaks.com/store/2-layer-10cm10cm-max-10pcs-p-247.html

Screenshot 1:

This results in:

Just $ 2.50 per pcb ??? !!! Yes, and with fair shipping rates:

Not too bad huh ?    ;-)

And now (December 2012) you can choose a soldermask color at no extra costs,
.... and even shipping is free !

And when you are at the ElecFreaks-site, have a look at these other goodies as well
(just a random selection of what I am interested in)

Freaduino Leonardo for $ 19,-

or this shield:  turn your Arduino/Freeduino/Freaduino into an MP3-player, for $ 24,-

And this one: GPRS/GSM Shield -EFCom for $ 48,-

Need I say more ?

Happy shopping !

Disclaimer: I have no commercial interest in ElecFreaks.com, but they are enthousiasts, just like me. And I like to share that enthousiasm :-)
Nard, a.k.a. Plons